"We have sold
Bogballe Spreaders
to farmers throughout SA
and continue to provide
them with personal
support and service."





In 2002 Colin Mitchell toured the Canterbury Plain in New Zealand with other farmers, led by Agronomist Bill Long, on a learning tour to study nitrogen and canopy management of cereal crops.

Many of the farms visited in NZ had Bogballe spreaders and he asked the question why. The farmers reported that the Bogballes proved very efficient in windy conditions because of their 4 double overlap pattern, and were superior spreaders in terms of accuracy and quality.

After learning new practices of delayed nitrogen application in crops to grow less biomass and more grain, Colin saw the need to apply these principles in SA.

Flying home from NZ Colin decided to seek an Australian distributor of the Bogballe spreaders and to purchase one for use on his own property in the Mid North of SA.

Whilst purchasing his own M3W Bogballe spreader from the importer in Bacchus Marsh, both parties recognised the opportunity for a distributorship in SA, and so Techgrow Agriculture was born.

We have now sold Bogballe spreaders to farmers throughout SA and continue to provide them with personal support and service.

In 2007 Techgrow Agriculture moved from a farm based business to a new property on the edge of Clare. With great staff and facilities we are moving forward, offering up to date solutions for farmers with improving technology, including variable rate and N Sensor hook up tuition.

Our practical experience with Bogballe spreaders and our hands on, personal support are the reasons that we can help farmers meet their spreading requirements.